Blinded by the light!

Ok FTC folks! Want some BLING BLING on your robots?

Check these two things out:

Blinkin LED Driver

SKU: REV-11-1105


19 inch Individually Addressable LED Strip (4 pack)

Usage hint: How nice would it be to turn these LEDs all green the moment your robot detects that it has picked up a piece of freight?? Kewl!!!

ok ok, REV also sells a similar addressable RGB strip, but there are two issues. It is currently out of stock and it comes with only one connector. If you want place RGB strips in more than one place on your robot, like 2 sides and back you will need to cut it, and also need to solder connectors (which are available on Amazon etc, but not on REV).

Another tip: How to mount it on your robot without it getting damaged by, errrr, innocent skirmishes with another ‘bot? Well, insert it into a GoRail or X-Rail’s long slot and mount that rail to the robot using hurricane nuts (not my own idea, REV shows this).

Now for some music to go along with it!

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