About Us

Robo Troopers is an enthusiastic group of high schoolers from different schools in the Northern Virginia area and together we are all set to explore the world of robotics. We look forward to the next season of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) in 2023-24, led by our mentors Rajeev (Coach Raj) Mehra and Mukta Mehra. The team membership is fluid, currently consisting of 10 members, and with the determination to strive and succeed, we are proud to be part of FIRST Tech Challenge Team #15167.

Robo Troopers team is also a non-profit organization registered as Robo Troopers Inc. It has a 501(c)(3) status. Our EIN number is 83-1863214. Full details can be seen at IRS’ website here.

Our Mission

Robo Troopers’ mission is to enrich our experiences by learning mechanics and programming of robots, enhance our leadership and communication skills, and focus on winning robotics competitions! We proudly give back to the community by hosting STEM events and raising awareness about FIRST robotics programs.

We look forward to working together as a team, exploring new skills and ideas and use creativity and persistence to solve problems. We respect each other and believe in teamwork, as working together in a team is what makes us stronger and more successful.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge as it is imagination that takes the first step towards creativity. Never give up on what you really want to do. Failing is a very important part of learning as only then can you appreciate the real value of success.”

-Albert Einstein

“Dream big and never give up”

-Mukta Mehra


Our team has been running since 2018. We have gone to FTC world championships in our rookie year, a feat few rookie teams can boast of 🙂 We were also Virginia state champions that same year, as winning alliance captains.

Please visit our team’s history page for more information about our history.

Meet our team

Our current team members and their bio can be seen here

Past team members can be seen here