A Warm Welcome From Robo Troopers!

A Warm Welcome from Robo Troopers!

About Us

Team 15167 Robo Troopers is a robotics team based in Herndon, VA that has participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) since 2018.

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Some of our biggest achievements are:
– Went to Worlds in our rookie year [2018-2019]
– Ranked 3rd at states [2021-2022]
– Competed at Maryland Tech Invitational (MTI) and ranked the highest amongst the First Chesapeake region. [2021-2022]
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Outreach is a huge part of our team and FTC, and we spend a lot of time and effort planning, organizing, and hosting outreach events to expand our audience and educate our community about our mission in robotics! We want to encourage everyone we interact with to take part in robotics and introduce them to how interesting robotics really is! Check out more about our outreach events here!

Our team’s “signature event” is Robo Con. That event has its own website at https://roboconusa.org/

Robo Con 2023, was a robotics event open to the public in which we hosted STEM activities, workshops, robot test drives and a scrimmage. See photos here. We plan to host Robo Con every year. Stay tuned for Robo Con 2024 which will happen right after states at CHS. Details are coming soon, make sure you sign up for this exciting event!

Our Robots

In the 2022 – 2023 challenge (POWERPLAY), we created the Ballistic Banana, shown here.

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Are you in a rookie team? Do you have any questions or need advice about FTC and robotics? Join our R.T. Help Live Sessions!

We have also been connecting with rookie teams, and providing them with advice and help for their future competitions! If you are a rookie FTC team in CHS region, please join a new series of Zoom calls where we strive to help rookie FTC teams! If interested, please join the Zoom calls every third Sunday of each month:


As a FIRST team, we do a lot of outreach events. More information on our outreach efforts can be seen here.

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors. Read more about them here

Fundraising: Please consider donating to our team. Donations can be tax deductible. We really appreciate your support!